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And Then There Was the Truth- Who McCain and Cameron Really Are
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Bruce McCain has expended a tremendous amount of time and money ( well over $1,000.00) chasing his tail and scratching his head as he frantically went from one made up theory to the other back and forth trying to force square pegs into round holes, his often times made up facts witthe truth and reality in order to put together a coherent argument for his Roger = Cameron hypothesis. Some of it he got right, but even more of it he got wrong and lacking the truth his story spiraled into the same politics of personal destruction that has become the hallmark of most of his interactions with anyone who sees him as he really is. As I share with you the truth regarding this ‘mystery’ I will also share with you the truth about what makes Bruce McCain tick along with it …which you should find equally enlightening/frightening.

You are welcome to believe whatever you want. For my part, I promise not to try and plug any holes in the “Truth’s version” by stuffing lies and misrepresentations into those voids. I also won’t intentionally try smear people through lies, half-truths, and innuendos. For instance: I won’t even try to tell you that Bruce McCain sleeps with farm animals if in fact there is no solid proof that he does, and if Bruce R. McCain had been charged with rape, incest and sex abuse 10 years ago and then by hook or by crook the charges were all dropped…then I wouldn’t even mention it here because it would be irrelevant as well as highly inappropriate and unethical. You see if I were to embellish non events in his life then then it’s possible that someone would think that Bruce must be guilty of something for me to mention it. Well let me be the first to tell you that Bruce is guilty of many many things but those examples aren’t to of them.

Around 4 years ago (the outspoken years) I engaged in a discussion with a person who identified herself as“Cameron Jordan”. We hit it off because we agreed on many things personally and politically. During this time this person would jump into a conversation and take it over and rip anyone who disagreed to shreds.

“I was just remembering one of the most incredible Facebook exchanges I have ever seen, take place right here shortly after this group started. She caught 12 term Congressman Les Au Coin (D-Oregon) in a lie and then proceeded to take him apart with almost surgical precision, until she finally finished him off leaving him completely speechless. As I recall his last words were something like “I will address this later in a different venue” (weak!) before he quit the group.

I sat in stunned silence wanting to crawl under a rock or scream “you can’t do this, this guy is a 12 term US Congressman”

That exchange should be enshrined in the Facebook Top 10 pwns and asskickings of all time. I didn’t post here for at least 6 months after that for fear she would turn her wrath on me. Editors Note: (The actual quote of what Mr. Au Coin said was this)

“I’ve got way more to say about of the neo-con disingenuousness demonstrated here but it’s gotta wait for another day and another, better venue (which I’ll link to FB).”

She was funny and razor sharp and after she started using those early pictures she told me they really got people’s attention and got them to stop long enough to read what she had written and really think about it (she hoped). After the photos went up her profile sort of evolved as each new facet was revealed. McCain sarcastically calls her a ‘polyglot’ and I don’t know how firm her grasp of those different languages was, but I do know her various language skills surpassed anything you can get out of any of the translation software because of the slang and expressions that an app just can’t replicate and I saw her converse in seamless French and German with native speakers who understood her fine. CEJ’s problem at the time was that she kept getting bounced from various groups and websites… usually long before she was finished saying what she wanted to say.

So she started a blog and she asked me to help and I was happy to do it. She was still trolling hard and she gave me access to a couple of email accounts she used for things like blog comments, some correspondence, or were used to join various online forums. From time to time she would ask me to post various comments and responses to comments on sites where she was blocked or banned, because I had an IP address that wasn’t blocked. It didn’t take very long for my IP to be blocked, starting with Blue Oregon who blocked both of us…Ask Kari Chisholm about this.

She started the group on Facebook with Pila and James Vaughn, Needham and Anthony which was a combination of people that worked and the group became a success. She credits Anthony for the group’s early popularity and success. Eventually she was asked to be FB friends with Bruce McCain. She had really good bullshit detectors and she disliked McCain on site.

The main reason Bruce wasn’t liked was because seeing him posing as a ‘law enforcement media consultant’ and expert and talking about Kyron Hormon on Fox News or one of those national morning shows really pissed her off. She knew that he had lied about his credentials and she thought he was profiting by standing on the body of a dead child while lining his own pockets at the expense of the truth, and the investigation. She had checked him out thoroughly and discovered that in almost everything he said, there was what she called the “MCG” or “McCain Credibility Gap”, which was the difference between what Bruce said and what was real.

One thing that isn’t in doubt …Bruce LOVES Bruce. Just go to his website at which starts out with this statement:

“Bruce McCain is in high demand to local and national media as a commentator and analyst on criminal justice and legal issues. He is a popular commentator for radio, television and print”

(Says who? Says none other than Bruce McCain himself, that’s who!)

In order for people to understand what and why McCain does what he does to people, they first need to understand where his inadequacies originate from by crawling into his head to gain some understanding of just how sick this man is. The only people who need this explained are those who think that since McCain is a 25 year corrections worker and an officer of the court (attorney) that surely he couldn’t possibly be as scandalous as he really is…and I will grant you that I thought the same thing …in fact at one point or another we ALL thought the same thing…and it’s crap …it has been his standing as an ex jail employee and semi practicing attorney that has given him the benefit of a doubt with so many people leading up to now…but look at the people on the other side …A highly respected city councilman, Pastor M., a high tech guru, and many more. It’s not just me telling you this …it’s all of us.

For those of you who wonder what’s behind McCain’s over the top hatchet job on my reputation generally speaking, and as a necessary backdrop at this point only, here is my personal theory:

For starters, since Bruce thinks ‘Roger’ and ‘CEJ’ are interchangeable he blames ‘us’ for losing almost all of his ‘Media Consulting” clients because he thinks I sent out numerous letters and emails to the producers of the various news shows that hired him. The content of these letters exposed McCain’s media consulting sham for the fraud that he is. In other words someone apparently got to those big station producers and told them that Bruce’s “25 years in the Sheriff’s office” was spent in ‘corrections’ and not ‘law enforcement’. In other words…taking people to and from court and feeding them 3x a day and NOT managing crime scenes or presenting cases to the grand jury or arresting bad guys and from the attorney perspective and as Bruce’s own website backs up ..Bruce doesn’t even practice criminal law (as a specialty unless it’s been to fight over speeding tickets he and his daughter Kelly McCain-Tyler have picked up over on the coast or near their home.) For the record I have never seen these letters nor did I write them, send them or on any way contribute to their publication or dissemination. After having to deal with McCain for the past year I personally doubt that any letters or emails to producers ever existed and if Bruce’s jacked up CV caused him to lose all of those paying clients then Bruce has no one to blame for it but himself. Regardless of the cause it seems apparent that something has happened to make Bruce go from being “in high demand” to “low or no demand”. It was a nice ride while it lasted. The hardest thing about having what I consider to be a dangerously narcissistic personality disorder is the shock you get when you first realize that there are lots and lots of people who really don’t like you. Bruce tends to pick on what he perceives is the easiest target. So we have an idea why he’s angry …he blames me for going from ‘TV Star’ to ‘Does not appear’

McCain’s entire treatise against me appears to rely on the admissions that were ‘deemed admitted’ by a motions judge and in return for making Bruce And his bogus SLAPP suit go away, that I agreed not to challenge. What he doesn’t tell you in his slanderous missive is what I wrote to him in an email when discussing that part of his settlement offer. Specifically, I told Mr. McCain in advance of our agreement that the admissions he was asking me to admit (by not challenging the judge’s order) were things that had never been officially admitted by me, and more importantly were not true. In my January 13th email to Mr. McCain I told him that I was prepared to allow the court to admit for me that I was the 2nd gunman behind the grassy knoll when Kennedy was shot in the 60’s if it would get him and his bogus lawsuit out of my life. Here is that email:

“My only major issue with your offer is that it requires me to admit numerous things that simply aren’t true and has suddenly gone from “CEJ”, as used in your complaint to “CESJ”, even though this latest inclusion is nothing more than window dressing for your less than accurate version of reality, it implies that I had anything to do with the latest profile you suddenly found… just in time…which is patently untrue

Since these admissions could never be used to prosecute a perjury charge…please know that if I ultimately decide to take the offer, many of the things I will be admitting as true… aren’t.”

Ask yourselves this:

Why the big hurry to settle all of a sudden? After Bruce spent over a thousand real dollars out of his own pocket trying to sue me for defamation, and after he had been temporarily awarded attorney fees for the ‘deemed admitted’ motion that he is so proud of, if Bruce didn’t know that he was getting ready to have his ass handed to him on a platter by the attorney and law firm (that I had .. and Bruce called and verified…waiting in the wings to enter this case just before the hearing) then do you really think he would have agreed to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice AND with no one being awarded any costs and fees by the other?

THERE IS NO CHANCE AT ALL THAT MCCAIN WOULD HAVE EVER AGREED TO THAT IF HE DIDN’T KNOW HE WAS IN DEEP DEEP TROUBLE. McCain didn’t settle because he had what he came for like he claims …he settled because he was less than 30 days away from owing someone 20-50k in attorney fees even if we were only partially successful. an unlikely result.


I admit that I was among the fooled with most of you because intuitively, it made sense to me, I mean 25 years as a Sheriff’s Deputy rising to Lieutenant and a 20+ year law practice (sort of makes you wonder when he sleeps because after viewing his pictures he’s clearly finding time to eat) naturally leads one to believe that he must be an expert on things like criminal investigations, crime scene management and grand jury issues etc. right? Apparently not. In order to understand why you have to understand the differences between a corrections worker and a sworn law enforcement officer. Unbeknownst to me the difference is HUGE. I don’t know about Multnomah County specifically, but almost everywhere I looked to research this topic the authors of the articles and forums almost unanimously reported that their corrections staff make considerably less money and receive significantly less training than their law enforcement counterparts. If nothing else this helps to explain how a corrections person with 25 years’ experience and the same rank McCain had may not have ever broken through the 100k salary mark (salary minus benefits) while everyone from 911 operators tri met bus drivers and Portland Police Patrol officers in the past have. According to whatever CEJ found out Bruce was a corrections officer at the jail for 25 years and a grant writer at some point … NOT a “Cop!” per se. Corrections officers are babysitters not crime fighters. I can understand why McCain was careful not to dwell on this distinction. To understand the difference better I went to a couple of the online ‘Cop Forums’ where cops all talk amongst themselves about whatever it is that cops talk about…things like the internal distinction between law enforcement and corrections staff. This question was asked at the online forum “” and here are just a few of the responses although I think this first one says it all:

“I know a number of corrections officers…I have come across a significant number who have tried to pass themselves off as police officers. I have never seen a police officer try to pass him/herself off as a corrections officer”

Too funny!

“Yes, we make a distinction. Corrections officers are not police officers, and I would go so far as to say they are not law enforcement officers (in my jurisdiction) Ouch!

“A Corrections officer on the other hand, is not considered a “sworn officer,” is NOT expected to be a “cop” 24/7 and probably cannot even carry a firearm off duty, unless licensed for concealed carry”

“…I don’t regard them as law enforcement per se. Law enforcement is just that, enforcing laws out on the street. We are all part of the justice system and they perform a valuable and necessary service. But being part of the justice system is not synonymous with law enforcement”

“” wasn’t nearly as complimentary of Bruce McCain’s fellow corrections noobs here is what several people there had to say about the difference between Law Enforcement Officers and the much lower paid and lesser trained Corrections people.

“The lot of ‘em are powertrip jackasses there were far too many CO’s on a power trip. They came into work looking to prove something. Trying to act like cops on TV”

“Yes, its unfortunate that many COs are on power trips; I’ve had the chance to really observe staff and inmates and many times they are the same element”

Is Bruce McCain a power tripping cop wannabe who has fooled everyone? You can decide that for yourself. If I were going to hire an attorney and after looking at his website and looking at the way he portrays himself in his fantasy online super sleuth (the photo in the middle above) and then when I go to meet him for the 1st time for a court appearance or whatever and the man on the right and left in the picture above who looks like he sleeps under the Burnside Bridge with his splotchy skin issues, his sweaty greasy whispy tufts of hair and no doubt an odor to match his look, was the man who showed up and not the guy in the middle as he website claims I would feel cheated and lied to because McCain hasn't looked like the man in the middle picture for nearly 30 years. He uses those photos In my opinion YES, based upon everything I have seen him do, Bruce is a power tripping jackass who tries to act like the cops on TV. He lives out this fantasy online where he fat dogs people, what’s everyo ne to think he is a cracker jack top notch investigator who solves more crime than McGruff the crime dog. He makes such nonsensical boasts like “I was even able to track the email back to the exact MAC Address of the computer it was sent from” as though he had pulled off a big feat… The MAC Address of the sending computer is in every email header of almost every email ever sent … it’s not magic and it requires no skills whatsoever but to listen to McCain the crime dog explain it …he had done something few others could do. Lol Still, nothing speaks louder or truer about the feelings that certified police officers have for their corrections counterparts than McCain’s own words taken from a newspaper article written shortly after McCain announced his decision to run for Sheriff:

“I’m ready to take on any police officer who wants to run for sheriff,” says McCain. Like Skipper, McCain is not currently certified as a police officer. McCain hopes to put a measure before Multnonah County voters that would require future sheriffs be certified as corrections officers. That requirement would make McCain qualified to hold the office, but it would not include many current and retired police officers who may be tempted to run. McCain says few potential candidates would care to go back to the academy and become qualified in corrections.

“Most police officers would rather puke in their hats,” McCain says.

And yes they would Bruce, …get it?

Here are the types of things I relied upon to make that call for myself …first of all I watched a couple of McCain’s videos on you tube. Let’s look at one of those video clips Bruce proudly talks about on his website and you will see what I mean: Remember while you are reading these that as far as I can tell McCain has been a corrections officer (jail administration, laundry and kitchen etc) and not a law enforcement officer (investigations, interrogations, grand jury strategies, catching bad guys and putting your butt on the line every day).

In this dialogue, Bruce is being interviewed by Chris Wragge from CBS’s Early Show. Chris obviously has been told that Bruce was a ‘veteran law enforcement officer’ and not someone’s 3rd hand for a game of cribbage back at the jail … but don’t worry, not having any significant experience to draw upon doesn’t slow our rotund cop wannabe and super sleuth Bruce McCain down a bit, here is that exchange:

Chris Wragge: Let me ask you this, two new searches this weekend what’s behind these searches? What are they looking for?

Bruce: well, again, we should not confuse these weekend searches with the ones that were happening nine weeks ago. The initial search, of course, was a massive search and rescue looking for a presumably lost seven-year-old boy …this is going to be a different kind of search, this is going to be a forensic search for physical evidence of criminal activity. One of the clues of course is going to be the spacing of the searchers themselves what they are looking for and what we just heard in that last report is, it does look like the grand jury process is starting to squeeze some information out of some people that may have been reluctant to tell investigators without the power of a subpoena

Chris Wragge: “is that the reason why this friend Dede Spicer was willing to come forward now with these tips..?”

Bruce: “Well as we talked before Chris on this very program Dede Spicer was not very cooperative with the investigators. But when you put somebody under oath in front of a grand jury under oath. Under penalty of perjury, and perhaps even with the threat of additional prosecution for their own criminal conduct that tends to squeeze information out so it looks like Dede is opening up and again these investigators…. This is not a search and rescue this is a forensic search for criminal evidence more than likely something very specific DeDe told them about lalalala”

I wonder who told Bruce what to say? He probably just picked up some ‘cop speak’ in the course of his 25 years working for the county because otherwise how in the heck would he know? Here he talks with Harry Smith on CBS news:

Harry: there really is no suspect per se in this case is there?

Bruce: that’s correct. And that’s really the frustration here you have $1 million of taxpayer money spent already with no suspect, no person of interest, and frankly not even an identifiable crime…

Harry: just in the immediate future and for the weeks and months to come, unless there’s a body found unless there’s a crime scene unless somebody confesses what happens here? From all of your experience after having served in the Sheriff’s office and your experiences a criminal attorney, what would be a break in a case like this… In these long-term cases. What usually has to happen for a break to transpire?

Bruce: it’s going to be one or two things Harry. It’s either going to be somebody who actually knows what happened to Kyron and not somebody calling a tip line that somebody who actually knows or what actually happens in the case especially in Oregon is you have a Hunter or a hiker or somebody stumbling upon something.

Harry: Bruce McCain, thank you so much.”

Of course not everyone was as impressed with Bruce’s self involvment into the Kyron Case. Here are some of the numerous comments about Bruce spewing forth his opinions on TV and radio:

"This guy is nothing more than a gassbag; he likes to hear himself talk and if you don’t agree, he’ll spend hours explaining why you’re wrong. The guy has the audacity to go in front of the cameras criticizing the Kyron Horman investigation and he NEVER HELD A LAW ENFORCEMENT POSITION at the Sheriff’s Office. He was a CORRECTIONS lieutenant and only ever an ACTING-CAPTAIN, just check the records. Trust me; you’ll regret having this man on any governing entity. He’s only interested in having an audience to voice his all-knowing opinions.”

AND this one:

“I don’t understand why the media outlets have focused on the commentary of Bruce McCain. He served on the Corrections side of the Sheriff’s Office and never conducted an investigation during his tenure. The Sheriff’s Office is doing an outstanding job in this investigation. They are being extremely thorough. Folks this is not a TV show where a case is solved in 60 minutes. Remember McCain was the lawyer for Lon Mabon and the Oregon Citizen’s Alliance (a right wing anti gay organization) and while representing Sheriff Guisto on the public payroll he played video games while not working on the Guisto case. He is not a credible source for the media to be using. Why isn’t anyone else asking this question?”
cc 12.08.2010 at 04:07


“I’ve said earlier in several blogs that McCain was NOT INVOLVED IN ANY POLICE WORK, was a lawyer and he needed to shut his big mouth about anything to do with the case. He’s just looking for his 15 minutes of fame…and it should be up long before now. Why on earth are they listening to him now? You notice none of them chose him as an attorney!”

12.10.2010 at 04:06
Hang on because this gets better …much better. I don’t know how Multnomah County treats or categorizes its corrections people and I personally think they have a very difficult job to do. I’ve also been told that there was no love lost between McCain and the other jail guards who worked under him because (Among many other things) when he declared his intention to run for Sheriff shortly after taking a lump sum payment to go away and agreeing NOT to seek employment from the county again (trying to become the next Sheriff isn’t seeking employment with the county according to McCain) Even though that argument doesn’t even begin to pass the straight face test which isn’t his first legal theory to have that problem, and even I as a non-attorney had to repeatedly correct him about what the laws in Oregon say…don’t think so? OK …Here is one of the examples where Bruce was misquoting the law to me and to the judge (in his pleadings and oral arguments) and you won’t even have to read between the lines to try and understand it because, Bruce…to his credit stepped up and admitted he was wrong …this time.

In this first email I tell Bruce to step up and put his money where his mouth is …all or nothing on the legal issue we had batted back and forth: Whether or not a denied anti-SLAPP motion was immediately appeal-able (my opinion) …or not (Bruce’s opinion)

Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 11:37 AM

To: Bruce R. McCain, Esq.

Subject: RE: Order re: Sufficiency Lets make a deal … You say that an unsuccessful anti slapp motion is not immediately appealable and I say it is. If you are right i wont contest this ruling …will dismiss my anti slapp motion and we can get right to the part where we determine the monetary impact on your reputation you suffered by having about 70 people plus you read those 5 statements during the 1 day it was up is ….and if you are wrong then you dismiss the lawsuit and i will admit in writing whatever you want so you can crow to your band of useful idiots about how you saved them from whatever it is you have convinced yourself you saved them from…. I am in downtown Portland and heading to the courthouse next where i expect to be told that this order only covers the disputed 5th amendment responses. Time to put up or shut up Bruce….do you feel lucky? After this last decision you should

Bruce Responds with his standard arrogance
On Jan 15, 2013 10:19 AM, “Bruce R. McCain, Esq.” wrote:

As for appealing a denied anti-SLAPP motion, you really need to spend less time reading cases and statutes from other jurisdictions, and spend more time on Oregon. If you did, you would learn that an order denying an anti-SLAPP motion is not a judgment, and therefore, is not immediately appealable in Oregon, as it is in California. Your $600/hr CASP lawyers or your new attorney you refuse to identify for me or the court should have told you that.

THEN I DROP THE HAMMER: (most of the time when you hook a big plump fish it turns it’s head and runs stripping off all of your line …and other times they will swim right for your boat …in this example Bruce not only swam for the boat but when he got to it he jumped in)

Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 9:39 AM

To: Bruce R. McCain, Esq.Subject: Re: Order re: Sufficiency

Bruce, I assume that you are not taking my offer or are willing to make the wager I offered. I have read the Englert case and if you were to invest in the updated series you would have discovered that the Oregon Legislature fixed the problem of appeal ability that was highlighted by that case to bring Oregon’s anti-SLAPP statutes more in line with California’s. See what 600 an hr gets a person? Here is what noted Oregon anti-SLAPP expert Linda Williams said about this: Oregon attorney Linda Williams reports that the Oregon legislature amended the state’s anti-SLAPP law in 2009. She reports that the law now explicitly provides for immediate appeal, and that a court must now award fees to a prevailing defendant, but not plaintiff. The immediate appeal provision is likely in response to the Ninth Circuit’s holding in Englert v. MacDonnell, in which the court held that the legislature had evidenced no intent to allow appeal of denials of motions under the statute. Williams reports the changes will take effect beginning in 2010. January 1st, 2010 to be exact.

BRUCE DECIDES TO TAKE THE HIGH ROAD FOR A CHANGE AND MAN UP ( what choice did he really have?? I am certain if we had been playing Chess that he would have used this humiliating moment to flip the board on me and stomp off but…)

On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 12:04 PM, Bruce R. McCain, Esq. wrote:

I did get that question wrong, and am willing to admit my error. SB 543 did amend the statute to require entry of a limited judgment, which is immediately appealable…. I began this reply by admitting I was wrong about a legal issue. It’s not the first or last time that will occur. But whether or not you can immediately appeal a denied SLAPP motion is nothing but a distraction from the real issue here. If you’re agreeable to the terms I have laid out.

There were others as well but none quite as satisfying as that one. So, what we have with McCain, who makes mistakes but isn’t garden variety stupid, has been described to me like this; the best analogy so far:

“From what I have heard from real cops out there putting it all on the line day after day …corrections ‘officers’ are to them like what Chiropractors are to real M.D. Dr’s or Optometrists are to real M.D. Ophthalmologists. They have a badge and they spend their entire careers making sure John Q Public calls them “Officer” and they never identify in public that they aren’t sworn law enforcement officers. They have this huge chip on their shoulder because they aren’t really gun packing, bad guy catching, brave, urban warriors, and heroes but are more like the wannabe cop who couldn’t get into law enforcement because of some bad psyche exams or sub-par test scores …one thing we know for sure is that McCain probably didn’t flunk out of law enforcement training do to test scores because he did pass the bar back then.

What is a more likely scenario is that McCain saw corrections as an opportunity to wield power and authority over other people and their lives and just couldn’t pass it up…he likely also saw this as the easy road and the fast track to being the big fish in a koi pond versus just another ambitious fish in an ocean full of sharks …McCain probably saw that koi pond full of fat lazy well fed shiftless koi and dove right in. My dad always told me that the best way for an ugly girl to win a beauty contest was for her to find uglier girls to compete against and with that strategy in mind it’s no wonder that corrections officer McCain must have looked pretty good swimming in with all of those out of place koi (hopefully he wasn’t wearing a Speedo)

Back to my theory and story about what drives Bruce and makes him tick. OK where were we? I remember …so my theory goes like this: someone snitched on McCain’s overstated credentials to the media people he was doing his “Media Consulting” for, and when they discovered they had been duped, they dumped him and his phone stopped ringing. That’s my take. Instead of taking personal responsibility for overselling himself with an embellished or possibly completely misleading resume, he is lashing out and blaming everyone else whom he knows doesn’t like him (because he is generally considered by many who know him to be a prick). At least that’s how I have him pegged based upon the things I have seen him do and say.

If you think about it for a second we all knew one or two kids growing up who were usually overweight, not athletic at all, no girlfriends, unpopular etc. who always wanted to be a cop but were never able to quite make it so they became the next best thing …a security guard. These same people are the ones who buy those old worn our police cars at public auctions and drive around because they got high on the power trip they felt when other drivers would react to them like they were real cops. Coincidentally, McCain is purportedly an avid Ham radio operator as well go figger. (lululululu) Others thought they were investigative genius’s acting like a real life detective in his dreamlike FB life where everyone is a potential suspect and there is only one man standing between them and the American way and it’s up to him to keep the world safe against tyranny and terror. It sure would explain a lot wouldn’t it? Look at this exchange he had with Pastor M. on FB and imagine Clint Eastwood saying Bruce’s lines:

Pastor M.

“When you spend your time slandering me you owe me the courtesy of “WHY”. It wasn’t long after meeting you that I realized you could not be trusted and relished opportunities to do damage to folks, it was pretty obvious that your reasons to get the “WHO” of people I have helped was to bring your disease to their arena. I can help you Bruce, but I can’t imagine anyone being so naive as to trust you. You know there is a cure; it starts with “I’m sorry, I was wrong”. Have you ever said that? It’s a good time to start.”

Bruce McCain 5:41pm Dec 22, 2012

Tick…tock…tick…tock…time will tell and I keep the time…

Bruce McCain 1:35pm Dec 22, 2012
I Don’t need your help, Les M. I work best alone.

HUH? Who are you? Dirty Harry? Now go back and read McCain’s lines using a Humphrey Bogart voice …talk about a stereotypical cop line?

“Tick tock time will tell and only I keep the time??

McCain also holds a grudge longer than a hippo, and like a hippo isn’t just satisfied with taking out his revenge on the person who he thinks wronged him …no he wants to kill their whole family (not literally) as he demonstrated by making sure he mentioned everyone in my family and even publishing my parents address ??? That would be like me talking about his wife Kathy or his 31 yr old daughter Kelly McCain-Martin or 28 yr old daughter Stephanie… and then publishing their addresses and telling people they live at XXXX Naegeli Ct Portland, OR 97236 and that Bruce and his wife Kathy…a well-respected pre-school teacher live at 3841 NE 149th Ave, Portland, OR 97230 a house they bought almost 20 years ago in 1994. Here is sort of a funny story about this house. Bruce paid $154,000 for it in 1994 (according to public records that are available to anyone who requests them) and just a few months ago Bruce’s neighbor 1 block down the street whose home was built at the same exact time Bruce’s was built and that has a few extra sq. feet to it just sold for $115,000.00. I’m certain Bruce’s must be a lot nicer than that guys even if the floor plans are almost identical but that means that it’s very likely that Bruce’s house that he bought almost 20 years ago has not gone up in value even $1.00 in all that time. In all fairness to Bruce says his place is worth 200K so in almost 20 years Bruce’s house appreciated by around 50k. If we had all bought houses next to Bruce then there wouldn’t have been a housing bubble to burst. Shrewd investing Bruce.

Another curious character flaw you immediately notice about Bruce is his temper, whenever someone crosses him or calls him out for being a liar or a snake they are signing up for some long term abuse from him. Take US Senator Jeff Merkely for example. McCain ran against Merkely way back in 2006 and got his ass handed to him. (He also has a bad habit of mentioning this fact to everyone he talks to “I ran against Jeff Merkely the year the Democrats swept into Congress and lost” like it’s some badge of honor) This loss made McCain angry because he had pulled every single election trick in the book (according to Williamette Week and Blue Oregon) and for the last 6, almost 7 years, McCain has had a website up dedicated to telling lies about Merkely (found that little gem at blue Oregon where they reported that McCain was the registered owner of the url “ “ which is still an active website today. and someone must be paying to host the site and paying to renew the URL to renew it every year or so since then.

Full Disclosure: Had I lived in Bruce’s district back then I would have voted for him over Merkely. I might add that after all of the elections McCain has run in he has yet (as best as I can tell) to get over 50% of the votes; even the one election I could find where he won he did so with just a plurality. That election was for a position on the Reynolds School board.

Supporting the theory that Bruce’s self-portrayal is mostly just PR and BS is the impact he has had on the Reynolds School District since being elected to its board with the mandate of a plurality. Using the yardstick of graduation rates as the guide. The 3 high schools in the Reynolds school district have graduation rates of 63%, 33% and for their “ACE” experimental high school …0% (obviously the lowest in the state) This puts Reynolds High School (63%) at the bottom of the list of high schools with a 2012 class size of 400 students or more. Hmmm. Is that why it only took McCain a year or so on the board before there was already a concerted recall movement to get rid of him?

So there you have it, my theory on what makes this angry vindictive narcissistic man tick. what would drive a man to create a fake profile that gives his theory life that no ojne had ver seen or heard about until now? One word ..desperation! This is my opinion based upon my own unpleasant interactions with this man along with the articles and forums I looked at and the number of hours of my life he has wasted and should be taken as my informed opinion and not fact.

Before I wrap up the mystery surrounding CEJ I first would like to clear up a few of the half-truths and no truths Bruce has been spreading for the last several days

1. The CASP Lawyers Bruce jumped up and down demanding I admit didn’t exist and if they did that I never had an agreement with them … and then demanded ‘serious sanctions’ against me for lying to the court …an argument the Judge had less than zero interest in even hearing about so Bruce ran to the Bar to tell them that either I was a liar (which he said was likely) or they were practicing law without an Oregon license.

Stephanie M 5/24/12 to me, Mark, Ryan

Dear Mr. Alvey,

Per Mr. Metheny’s request, attached please find a copy of the fully executed consulting agreement.


Stephanie Meldgaard
California Anti-SLAPP Project


2. Regarding Bruce’s false statement of fact that my ex-wife used $10,000 ‘of her own money’ to pay the bond when I was arrested … My ex-wife was a student for the 7 yrs. of our marriage and at the time was working P/T for minimum wage. Even if she had saved every single dollar she had earned in every P/T job she had held up to that point she wouldn’t have gotten close to 5k. I bonded myself out she and one of my employees at the time just delivered the money and Bruce’s statement that I was incarcerated until that happened falsely implies that this was longer than the 3 hours or so that it was.


3. Bruce says that I could be sued by the Swindell’s family for “dragging them into this affair” The only person who has ever brought them up is Bruce. Don’t you think that if CEJ were telling everyone her last name was Swindell’s that after 3 years there would be proof of this somewhere? The only proof exists in McCain’s active imagination and his need to attach a marquee name to this story to make it interesting. When he tried to add this name to the consent decree we laughed at him and said absolutely not …Their name doesn’t appear in even 1 court document! Out of desperation McCain or someone under his direction even posted a bogus profile to a social networking site I have never even heard of that was written almost exclusively in Russian. I don’t speak read or write Russian. He works real hard to draw this link but no link exists or ever existed. His shameless dragging them into his work of fiction to draw attention to himself is pathetic; much like the person who sets a fire and then calls the fire department to report it so he can be seen as a hero. UPDATE: It seems that now that there has been enough time to go through the various records and blog posts etc. that everyone except McCain is in agreement on who dragged who’s good name through the mud …another reason McCain has never been able to become the GOP insider he thinks he already is. You just can’t take him out in public. More on this lie later.

4. “In a pattern that would repeat itself in Alvey’s life, he refused to comply with the order of the NASD, which revoked Alvey’s registration in October 1992, effectively ending Roger Alvey’s brief career handling other people’s money. After being fined, suspended and revoked for securities violations, Roger Alvey then turned to selling automobiles, with mixed results at best”

This is a complete fabrication. The firm I worked for was the lead underwriter for an IPO for a company called “Pit Stop Auto” which was supposed to be the hottest offering ever. I was allocated something like 50,000 shares and I had orders for 2x that amount. I gave the stock to my inner circle of friends and when the offering hit instead of opening above the offering price and going straight higher from there it opened and after the 1st week closed at something like 50% of its offering price because of some accounting irregularities or some major issue. The only way I was able to get 20 of my good friends and clients out of this stock with their skin intact and without losing a dime was for them to write a letter to th firm claiming the stock was unsuitable etc. and I handed in all of the letters at the same time and resigned. ….a year later I rec’d a notice from the state saying I was being fined 25k and my license which had been inactive for almost a year was to be suspended. I went to Metro One Direct and worked there for 2-3 years helping them to raise the venture capital necessary to ramp up for their public offering. I also went thru divorce #1 At this time, sold some of my stock options and bought a 40’ powerboat and lived on it at Waverly Yacht Club for those 2-3 years. The pattern that keeps repeating itself is the consistent misrepresentation of the facts.

5. “At one point he blamed the child pornography on a man who was in prison at the time. But the March 5, 2007 letter from the Washington County district attorney made it clear that the reason the case was dismissed was not because the wrong person was indicted, but because essential state witnesses had disappeared and could not be found.”

The person responsible for this crime was working for me when the crime occurred. That’s why the real cops interviewed him… only a corrections doof would say something this stupid. Let me say it again …when the crime occurred this man was working for me as my internet manager, then 8 months later when the indictment was issued that man was in jail … This case was ready to pick a jury once and the pretrial motions caused the state’s case charging it as a felony to dissolve on the spot. The state appealed the decision …not my private attorney and I and when the case was done being passed around the appeals court etc. the original ADA was no longer working in the DA’s office and the new ADA dismissed the case because she had no evidence and when she realized there was no case the state made zero effort to try to locate any witnesses they couldn’t find. If you knew anything About law enforcement in Washington County then you would know that they don’t dismiss cases like this if there is any chance at all of Prevailing or getting someone to plead to something.

6. After 1 year of rooting around in court files and talking to everyone he could locate who ever had contact with CEJ he still has yet to identify 1 verifiable thing that could be considered a conspiracy or done to defraud anyone of anything. That’s why he chose instead to smear and slander instead of identify and report.

7. The Robin Sage comparison isn’t even close. Does McCain even understand what he reads? Robin Sage’s MO was to give herself the standing, credibility and trust she didn’t have on her own by surrounding herself with well-known well respected high profile ‘friends’ and ‘peers in her industry’ as evidenced by her long friends list filled with highly regarded industry people …Neither I, nor anyone I know (or Bruce knows) ever got the chance to see who was or wasn’t on CEJ’s friends list …it was NEVER made public and towards the end, you could see a few mutual friends but never her entire list which was the main tool used by the Robin Sage Experiment to gain people’s confidence, access and trust. CEJ was the exact opposite of Robin Sage because she didn’t want anything from anyone and didn’t care if you accepted her friendship or not. Oh and she exists …I’ve just never met her.

8. “Roger’s apparent rage got the best of him on July 28, 2009 when he went to Multnomah County Court and took out a stalking restraining order against Tatiana (Case No. 090710403). That, too, was tossed by the court the following day when the court found no basis for Roger’s petition.”

The anti-stalking restraining order was tossed out the same day, not because the court found no basis for it but because I had filed it in the wrong County. If Bruce were to check the Clackamas County Circuit Court files he would find that the same petition was filed and found to be meritorious and was only dropped later on after the hearing over a month later. Get your facts straight Bruce, you idiot. It’s becoming very clear what you never made it out of the corrections department. Someday you will hopefully learn that being accused of a crime and actually being found guilty of a crime are drastically different.


I could go on for another 20 pages but whats the point…

About 6 months into the first year CEJ started complaining that her profile was drawing too much attention from married and single men. That was when she told me that she was going to start telling all of the men who were hitting on her incessantly that she had boyfriend and it was me. I obviously wasn’t her boyfriend but since I was fresh out of a nasty divorce and wasn’t dating anyone specific I was glad to help.

Did I re-email lots of emails for her to keep her IP Address out of the loop? Yes I did …I did it all the time.

Did I make blog posts to the blog for CEJ …Yes I did and mostly for the same reasons. A couple I wrote but most of them I didn’t. You can tell the 2 or 3 I wrote because they weren’t signed nor was the author identified.

Did I sometimes post comments on blogs and forums for her? Yes I did…I didn’t write them I just posted them.

Was I the person people were chatting with on FB when they thought they were chatting with her? No I wasn’t.

Even CEJ’s biggest critics will tell you there was no way they were chatting with a man, and there were several occasions when we would both be chatting with a mutual friend at the exact same time. as far as I know, they weren’t.

I did write the unsigned blog posts that were published about McCain and I did write and publish the corrected version that went up a day later (at CEJ’s direction). I did this because in my entire life I have never met a bigger douche bag then Bruce McCain… Seriously this man is human garbage and a serial liar. What makes him so effective at times is that as an officer of the court you just can’t believe he could be so scandalous and dishonest. A couple of days ago I got a call from somebody telling me that Bruce was on the radio in Portland (thank God it was just KPAM) telling people that I had claimed to be a member of the Weyerhaeuser family… AND the Swindell’s family… And he said both of these names at least twice in a five-minute time segment and then again on other segments like this one at 13:20 where he states that CEJ sought ‘confidential information through chats” those of you who chatted with her should step up and let us all know what confidential information she tried to pump out of you and if she didn’t then that would be good information too.

My information is that this allegation is crap and would love to hear differently by way of some specifics instead of this generalized smear by innuendo. On my FB chat / message system I can get the entire history of my chats with someone. Since McCain felt the need to publish irrelevant records that were decades old then why not share with us some of those chats where CEJ purportedly was trying to wrangle confidential information out of people that was or could have been used later? The reason he hasn’t is because he can’t, just like he was never able to enter into evidence in the court file any document where the name “Swindell’s” or “Weyerhaeuser” was ever used by anyone. He pulled it out of his overactive cop fantasy filled imagination.

Don’t you think that after four years of being on the computer actively and after being given one year to invade anybody’s privacy you wanted, that a crack detective like Bruce would be able to find one incident were that claim was ever made? Just one? If in fact that was the profile being spread around, wouldn’t there be hundreds of these boasts?? (And posts?). As stated above, in a court case that went for almost a year. Those names do not appear in any court documents whatsoever. Not one! Yet this is the central theme of Bruce’s attempt at being a real cop …successfully doing a real investigation… This is a perfect illustration of why you never want to talk to or try to explain anything to most cops. The reason Bruce has added this unsupported storyline is because Bruce is a liar and he isn’t trying to report the truth, he is busy fanning the flames hoping to incite someone else to harass me next.

Let’s look at the Swindell’s Claim real quick and compare and contrast the similarities. Bruce says Libby Swindell’s was my girlfriend in college… This is not true, we met a couple of times and hung out but the entire time I knew her. She had a boyfriend.

CEJ’s mother isn’t alive …Libby S. is.

CEJ’s mother married a military man…Libby S. Didn’t

CEJ went to a Swiss boarding school …Libby S didn’t

CEJ has graduate degree … I don’t think Libby S. does.

CEJ is an avid snow skier… I don’t think Libby S is

CEJ lived in Europe most of her life… Libby S did not.

CEJ’s grandparents lived outside Seattle in Medina Wash… Libby S’s parents lived in Salem.

CEJ spoke several foreign languages, including Russian and French…I don’t think Libby S does

CEJ attended Stanford …so did Libby S …there you go!!
And Bruce thinks I dragged them into this mess? Well everyone is seeing this issue much more clearly now.

As for the admissions I told Bruce I would have admitted almost anything reasonable to be able to cut him and his bogus lawsuit out of my life but if you read the order dismissing the lawsuit I insisted McCain change the wording so that I was only responsible for deleting the emails I had access too and not every one of them because that wasn’t something I could do.

You are welcome to ask as many questions as you would like, but please don’t mistake my willingness to respond to them as an indication that I feel any need to convince you of anything … I don’t . It matters not to me.

I never met CEJ in person ever… Just like you. The difference is that I, as well as Jim Needham and JamesVaughn and others had some respect for the privacy of others, both online and off. Bruce smeared them for supporting CEJ’s right to remain anonymous, and they both paid dearly due to his non-stop, never ending lies about them. For the record, every single one of us has the constitutional right to post comments and enter into discussions online and elsewhere, anonymously. Those are some of the rights we are endowed with by our Creator and not by Bruce McCain… Whose only resemblance to our Creator is that they both were life time public servants, just like most of McCain’s family. Like all of you I am almost certain CEJ was female but beyond that I never even spoke to her on the phone.

I know McCain gets asked this question a lot and so far he hasn’t been able to even make up a satisfactory answer. The question is what exactly did CEJ do and who did she do it to that you think allows you the right to tell people she defrauded them of anything? Where are all of these victims of her malicious gossiping and manipulating? What was the motive? My perspective on it was that this person, whoever she is, simply wanted to engage other people and their ideas and judging from the extent that cyber stalkers like McCain are willing to go to invade someone’s privacy. The good news is that he still doesn’t know who it is and one of the other reasons for his frustration is because he knows that even if i knew that he would never get it from me.

As Pastor Moore once observed about Bruce McCain when he wrote:

“The Blow Back here is that you are now a documented LIAR. You are also documented as a dishonest commentator, a slanderous goofball and a libelous deceiver. Unfortunately for you, the Progressives have worn that out as a political stance so your career doesn’t have much room to rise there anymore. You can now block me in hopes that you can continue smearing your BS on anyone that offends your arrogance, but the stink gives you away. As for your effort to bring slander on folks that call me Pastor; you should know it was not a title I ever sought but one preferred on me by the life I live from the people I serve”

I can’t remember who said it but it’s worth repeating …”any dealings or conversations you have with Bruce McCain is like trying to pick up a turd on the clean end”

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Obama the Racist as Demonstrated by Obama Himself ...Just Words? The Audacity Indeed!

I don't recommend purchasing Obamas books, but checking them out from the public library and verifying the quotes. This is a dangerous individual that has not been truthful, evidently with very much he has uttered in public. Particularly the last quote!
This man wants to be our President and control our government. Below are a few lines from Obama's books:

From Dreams of My Father: 'I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.'

From Dreams of My Father: 'I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race.'

From Dreams of My Father: 'There was something about him that made me wary, a little too sure of himself, maybe. And white.'

From Dreams of My Father: 'It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.'

From Dreams of My Father: 'I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my own. It was into my father's image, the black man, son of Africa, that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself, the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, Dubois and Mandela.'

From Audacity of Hope: 'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.'

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Is Barrack Hussein Obama a Muslim or is He Just a Racist?

Anyone who attended The Trinity "We Hate Whitey" Church and was able to sit through 20 years of "God Damn America" and "The U.S. of K.K.K. A" probably does not embrace the ideals of the USA or of Jesus Christ. Black Liberation Theology and specifically the writings of James Cone Phd. state things like "if god is not for us and against the white people then he is a murderer and we had better kill him" (from his book Black Theology and Black Power)I doubt those are ideals that anyone embraces in a progressive nation like our own. How long must we all marinate in the angry resentment of black people?

I will not patronize blacks by pretending Obama's pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is anything other than a raving racist loon. If a white pastor had said what Rev. Wright said -- not about black people, but literally, the exact same things -- I think we'd notice that he's crazier than charles manson. Imagine a white pastor saying: "Racism is the American way. Racism is how this country was founded, and how this country is still run. ... We believe in white supremacy and black inferiority. And believe it more than we believe in GodImagine a white pastor calling Condoleezza Rice, "Condoskeezza Rice." and his own grandmother "a typical white person"
I do not believe "the legacy of slavery" gives black people the right to be permanently ill-mannered.."Obama tried to justify Wright's deranged rants by explaining that "legalized discrimination" is the "reality in which Rev. Wright and other African-Americans of his generation grew up."

Wait a cotton picking minute... at least since the Supreme Court's decision in University of California v. Bakke in the late 70's it has been legal for the government to discriminate against whites on the basis of their race. Consequently, any white person 30 years old or younger has lived, since the day he was born, in an America where it is legal to discriminate against white people. In many cases it's not just legal, but mandatory, for example, in education,and in hiring

But is Barrack Hussein Obama a Muslim ...or at least born a muslim and raised through his formative years as one?? Consider these facts from the ultra liberal NYT: The Times sent a reporter to Jakarta to investigate Obama's childhood years there, and published an article on March 16 that included these details:

A close boyhood friend of Obama, Zulfin Adi, said Barack "was a Muslim. He went to the mosque."

Obama's first-grade teacher at a Catholic school, Israella Dharmawan, said: "Barry (Barack's nickname) was Muslim.

He was registered as a Muslim because his father was Muslim."

In the third grade, Obama transferred to a public school, where he was also registered as a Muslim. At the school, Muslim students attended weekly religion lessons about Islam.

In his autobiography, "Dreams From My Father," Obama mentions studying the Koran and describes the public school as "a Muslim school."

and most troubling in my opinion is that one of the concerns being expressed regarding Obama's ties involves his connections to Kenyan political opposition leader Raila Odinga, links documented through Obama's attendance at public rallies where he spoke on behalf of Odinga.
That's because Odinga admitted to Christian leaders in Kenya a Memorandum of Understanding circulating on the Internet is not fake, but a document Odinga signed with Muslim leaders in Kenya. According to Jack Wheeler, the author of a newsletter titled To the Point, the Memorandum of Understanding allegedly contains a pledge by Odinga to make Kenya an Islamic state by re-writing the constitution of Kenya within six months after Odinga takes office as president, to recognize the Islamic sharia as the ruling law of the land. of Obama in Muslim garb- not a cartoon this time)

Lets move on...(lol) To the people who make a jokes about the no big deal fact about being "born muslim" and let me correct you. The religion I was born into, like it or not, formed who I am and what I believe in more than anything else I have learned or read since. Barrack Hussein Obama ...the man with not one ...not two... but three muslim names was born into a muslim family...period in the muslim faith women and their opinions or beliefs are not respected or followed.

Barrack Hussein Obama's ongoing ties to The Trinity Church of I Hate White People" where he was able to hear the nation of Israel denounced and was able to read snippets in the church bulletin from the militant Hamas Leaders. And don't even get me started on the meaning of his ties, through Wright, to the King of all America and white people haters ...Louis Farrakhan know from the Nation of Islam! whom Wright broke US Law to travel with over to see their good friend Momar Khaddafi in Libya. Connect the dots people ...then throw in the large picture of Che Guevera in his office and you get a very angry ...very racist... muslim sympathizer (if not a closet muslim) and I am sorry people this man does not pass presidential muster and the thought that he might doesn't pass the straight face test ...don't doom america to 4 years of this racist as a knee jerk reaction to your hatred of President Bush will be cutting off all of our noses to spite your face.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tales From the Front Lines...Real People's Lives Ruined !!

Mother of sex offender speaks out

The state of Missouri has some of the strictest sex offender laws in the country. It puts tight restrictions on where sex offenders can*not* live, and how often they have to register with police.Supporters say those restrictions are necessary to keep an eye on sex offenders to keep you and your family safe. But those same laws also label all sex offenders as the same, no matter the circumstances or severity of their crimes. And that label follows the offender for the rest of his or her life.

This is a story every parent and teenager should see.

A reporter sat down with a mother of a registered sex offender who says a bad decision as a teenager left her son with life-long consequences.This story begins here at Monroe City High School with a promising teenager. He was on the basketball and football teams. Everyone they talked with says he was a good kid and popular in school. After graduation he did what many kids do, he moved away to go to college. When he was 19 and at a Kansas college, he and a roommate stopped at a gas station before a night out. That's when this seemingly promising life came to a halt.Mother Janice Holliday said, "They went to a gas station. They were going out. They ended up meeting these two girls and talked to them and got friendly. That's when it all happened. They went to the house to party, started drinking, dancing and one thing led to another. They ended up having sex. They left about 2 in the morning. Then the girls decided to leave, gave them their phone numbers and everything. "Janice Holliday's son says it wasn't until police knocked on his door that he discovered the girl wasn't 17 as he said she claimed. She actually was two months from her 16th birthday. 16 is the age of consent in Kansas.

During the trial, the jury convicted Holliday's son of indecent liberties with a child because he admitted to consensual sex with a minor. In front of a crowd of supporters from Monroe City, Holliday's son was sentenced to almost 5 years in prison.What was your initial reaction when you found out your son was being convicted?Holliday said, "I was devastated because I didn't think anything like this could ever happen to my son."Now her son has served his time and is out on parole. In Kansas where he was convicted he doesn't have to register as a sex offender. But when he tried to move back to Monroe City, he found things much different because *here* he is a sex offender.What has it been like for your son to get out of prison?Holliday said, "Well he's been very frustrated. Aggravation because he can't find housing, he can't find a job. He's in a class with people that actually rape babies. He tells me everyday, Mom, when am I going to find a house or a job? I tell him you pray to the Lord. You can't give up.

"Because of his legal status, he can't spend time with his own child without supervision and can't attend her school events without approval from the school superintendent. He also faces a lifetime of registration as a sex offender.Holliday said, "I just don't want it to happen to someone else's child. My son is a good kid. I just don't want to see another mother go through the devastation I had to go through because it's a nightmare."Holliday said, "You just got to be careful.


If you're a young guy and you're dating these young girls you need to be careful because they may tell you they're one age and they're not."A warning she says every parent and teenager should listen to.Opponents of sex offender laws agree with Janice Holliday -- that it's unfair to put all sex offenders into one category, no matter their crime.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Be Afraid ...Be Very Afraid!!

People we have gotten to the point where we have so many ridiculous laws on the books that just going through your everyday routine will find you in violation of one of them if there happens to be someone there watching. With camera's stationed all over town to take full advantage of your every little slip up and computers automatically printing out tickets like a casino to feed the systems lust for more money ...more power...less privacy ...

I was recently lucky (or unlucky) enough to sit as foreman on the grand jury for two full days each week for about 6 weeks. I got to play ring leader to the circus we call our criminal justice system. This system's caretakers are the DA's and the police who feed them, and while I have nothing bad to say about any of them fact by and large they were all very hardworking professionals…but folks they think differently than the rest of us do …seriously …they do ….a lot differently! What do I mean by think differently…I mean they see themselves (police ) as both law enforcement, judge and jury. They have very selective hearing and very selective memories designed to tighten the nooses around the necks of the innocent until proven guilty perps! As they will put the boot and the leather to your civil rights in a New York minute if they think you might be guilty of something or anything and once they have determined your guilt they then will change their stories and rewrite the whole script including what you said to them and what it meant etc. to put that rope on your neck.

You may think ..”I could care less as long as they put the bad guys behind bars”. The common slang term used for this revision of history is called “testi-lying” Cops do it, prosecutors let them and judges allow it and every single day people here in Oregon and all over the US go to jail based upon the court’s, and the jury’s reliance on it. Let me stop beating around the bush …Cops Lie! And they do it very well and they have everyone’s best interest (and some ego) at heart. The reality is this is a perfect example of people in a position of power and authority over other people knowing just enough to be dangerous and it should alarm everyone because I am here to tell you that our jails are over flowing with a lot of non criminals and if the law enforcement industrial complex machine has its way …and they seem to have no problem getting it one way or another…and slowly but surely …little by little…bit by bit they are encroaching and eliminating all of the rights we hold most dear away from us.

This isn’t President Bush and his people listening in on phone calls of middle eastern terrorists and terrorist wannabe’s, this is the Beaverton or Hillsboro city police coming to the door of a single mother on public assistance and telling her that they are there to do a wellness check on her kids because someone had phoned them …anonymously …that they may be victims of abuse. If she doesn’t let them right in to toss her place “with consent” then they tell her if she doesn’t give them consent to come in then they will be back tomorrow with DHS to take her kid’s away until they have a chance to “sort this whole thing out”. Then when the frightened mother under extreme duress thinking her kids might get taken lets them in it becomes a consensual search and they are not restricted like they would be with a silly old search warrant . They demand I.D. from anyone else who may be over visiting and question them like the German Gestapo. Our most basic constitutional right to be secure in our homes against unreasonable search and seizure is a myth. And it may be the other guy today but eventually the odds will catch up to you or me or someone you know and it will be their turn to host our city’s finest while they dig through your underwear drawers with no probable cause or reasonable suspicion necessary.…all you need to have is something …like a child …that they can use to apply enough leverage to extort consent from you.

Right now we are voting on some ballot measures one of which has gotten very little press and the reason for that is because it sounds so perfectly reasonable and since everyone is anti crime and anti criminal that it will pass on its own momentum unless someone stands up and says “What?? Absolutely Not!” That measure is the one that will allow local law enforcement to share in the spoils of the civil and criminal forfeiture game. That means that not only will a basically well meaning (but dishonest ) law enforcement officer be able to shake you down wherever and whenever they want to …but if they think you may have done something they now have an additional financial incentive to ‘cook ‘ their testimony. When the government takes something from you they will do anything to not give it back …ever! Wanting to be tough on crime can be a very seductive mistress, especially when it’s not you standing up on the scaffolding with your legs and hands tied !

Once we give up these rights that we are only the caretakers of for future generations …it will be nearly impossible to get them back! Why? Because no one wants to appear to be soft on crime that’s why …anyone who does that have no political aspirations beyond the here and now. What we will have is a bunch of law enforcement personnel who have already shown that they have absolutely no regard for the law s they are hired to enforce if they think you might have something of value or you have done something that you shouldn’t have. Proof or suspicion ..not necessary! With the huge financial incentives this ballot measure would create in these misguided well meaning thugs is too much for us to even think they would not abuse it. Why wouldn’t they?

Another civil right we used to enjoy that has slowly disappeared is the right to be to be secure in our cars and person against unreasonable search and seizure. If a cop wants to search your car and you won’t give him permission all he has to do is find some reason to have your car towed …suspicion of DUII, not convinced that old tattered insurance card is really valid or if it’s out of date like so many people’s are ….he will order you out of the car …he will order your car towed…but before it leaves on its way to impound (kiss $500.00 good bye to get it back!) he is now “required’ to inventory the contents of your car” …and I mean the whole car! What’s the justification for this warrantless search? To secure any valuables that may be in it. See, they are actually trying to protect you..not violate your civil rights!

One case that came through the grand jury while I was foreman was an incident much like this one but wrapped all of the things I have mentioned in this article together into one tidy little case. The driver of a car was seen leaving an area of high drug trafficking with 3 Hispanic males with her . The Beaverton Police can’t stand it and swear that she didn’t come to a complete stop and pulled her over …whether she did or not is immaterial because they said she did. The man the DA wanted us to indict was a passenger in the car and the first person to testify was the lady who was driving…we got her story through a translator and she said that “no” she had not rolled through the light and “no” she had not consented to having her car and passengers searched and detained by the police …facts that the other jurors and I got from our questioning of the witness and not the DA. After that we heard from one of the Officer’s who was the one who she had given consent to search too and as he was finishing his very practiced and polished testi –lying I asked him again about the consent and he again told me that yes she had consented to the search as soon as she was asked and I asked him if he spoke Spanish …and he said no he did not . I asked him if he had another officer there translating for the woman (who spoke no English) and he said no. I then asked him how it was possible to gain the consent of someone who didn’t speak English ? Silence…then “well when I asked her …she said “si” and I understand that much Spanish (yes you dummy but she doesn’t understand any English…doh!)

As grand jurors our just was not to concern ourselves with trying to figure out if the search was any good or not …our job was only to decide whether or not there was enough to indict the person and I only use this example to highlight the point I have been trying to make. Once law enforcement thinks you may be guilty of something they will then fit the crime to the suspect they believe has done something instead of looking at the crime and then looking for the suspect, and that includes the total disregard for your civil rights along with selective hearing and a very selective memory.

I will discuss how the domestic violence industry has made it illegal to be a man in Oregon in my next installment…and if you don’t think the pendulum has swung back way too far the other way and if you don’t think the non victims of domestic violence (women) are not using this powerful tool to manipulate well intentioned Judge’s to do their dirty work and to gain the upper hand in most custody disputed and in family court then prepare yourself to have your skirt blown up.

Folks in case you haven’t been paying attention …we don’t try cases anymore …the prosecutor over charges the suspect …scares the shit out of him …then they negotiate a conviction. Demand your right to a trial and to have the charges against you proven? If you do and lose you get double the prison time and no one in their right mind would want to leave their fate up to a jury in this day in age especially for a sex type crime.


Here’s a simple rule for preventing totalitarian rule in any nation: Don’t build the systems for monitoring people’s daily lives closely in the first place, and you will not be at risk of totalitarian rulers using those systems to overwhelm individual choice. The Wall Street Journal recently did a long piece on the various ways that the National Security Agency has expanded its ability to monitor individuals within the United States without a warrant. It’s a must-read, whether you think we need this kind of police agency or not.
Originally set up by President Truman to facilitate signals intelligence (wiretapping, radio monitoring and so forth) conducted against foreign governments, the NSA today can gain access to your personal communications without any need to ask permission, including:

Email, such as the to- and from-addresses, subject line content and time sent;
Web sites visited and the content of your searches;
Wireless calling, from your location and that of the person receiving the call to the length and account numbers;
Wired phone calling, including account numbers and length of call (there have been rumors for years that the first minute of calls are monitored for keywords, but this is not confirmed, because, as a national security matter, citizens aren’t supposed to know);
Financial transactions, such as your credit card use, wire transfers and deposits and withdrawals on your checking and savings accounts,
as well as the content of any transaction recorded by a computer that the NSA deems necessary for its pattern recognition analyses.

The NSA has always insisted it works scrupulously within the limits of the laws governing its behavior, but it has, like all human institutions, had lapses in its judgment. For example, during the year immediately after 9/11, NSA attempted to set up a Total Information Awareness network, which was meant to grab all data about people and their transactions and communication for analysis, but Congress prohibited any further spending on the program over civil liberties concerns. Nevertheless, the program has continued in pieces that, in total, add up to the same level of access to domestic civilian communications, as the Journal article makes clear.
Technologists must be aware of this ever-expanding net that can trap and hold their customers’ and colleagues’ data, because it is reshaping the potential for public discourse about what our country and government can and should do, as well as how we may act as individuals.
Sure, there will be commenters on this posting who write that “it’s nothing to worry about if you don’t do anything wrong.” And that may be true, but the problem with these institutions is that they will not go away when the threat of terrorism passes. Maybe you think that threat will never end, but then we must ask whether this approach to fighting terrorism has any merit. Let’s assume, for argument’s sake, that terrorism can be handled within the scope of normal police activity, as it has been since before 9/11.
Human sources of information are known to be far more valuable than data-driven analysis of massive amounts of transactional data. Yes, after an agency has a human source those data analyses can be very useful in assembling a case, though it is perfectly reasonable and very easy to get a warrant from a judge for that information based on the human source—there is no need for unbridled warrantless monitoring of the people of the United States.
You see, if we assume that most of us are law-abiding citizens, the need for unrestricted monitoring is obliterated by the logic of focused pursuit of known and suspected bad guys based on established legal procedures. Warrants before monitoring is more efficient, faster and not just an ACLU talking point, but the very foundation of limited government.
If we allow our nation to be shot through with monitoring systems, we’ll be monitored forever, because people and institutions that have been granted power seldom give it up, as we all know. They even fall prey to the temptation to abuse those powers. In Cincinnati back in the late 1980s, the power to use wiretaps overcame the good judgment of police officers who used them to listen to their spouses’ conversations and to conduct surveillance on businesses. During the 1970s, the abuse of national surveillance powers was so rife that Congress established the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and a system of courts for providing law enforcement legal access to communications with a warrant. Today, the FISA system is under attack by those who believe we need unrestricted surveillance of Americans, as well as of potential terrorists abroad.
The trajectory of the NSA’s existence is the proof we face a serious threat to our ability to live and decide for ourselves. An agency originally chartered to monitor the communications of “foreign governments” is now monitoring individual American citizens. It is a classic case of over-reaching by government.
The NSA has worked around the decision of Congress to build its total awareness network. It is time the people made fighting that unrestricted access to their lives a campaign issue. If we don’t stop the vast spending on domestic surveillance today, it will bankrupt our government, morally and financially. We’ll be giving increasing power to bureaucrats to peak into our lives to ensure that we are living according to their whims, as every comprehensive system of public monitoring in history has produced in the past.